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Gorilla Glue

Developed by GG strains, Gorilla Glue Marijuana Strain is by far one of the most potent hybrid strains in the market today. Users of Gorilla Glue love it for its relaxation effects and heavy-handed euphoria that leave one feeling glued to the couch. The chunky resin covered buds of the strain come with earthy and sour aromas derived from its parent strains, which are chocolate diesel, sour dubb and chem’s sister. Below is a full review of this highly potent marijuana strain.

Another thing the strain users love about it is its sweet and a little sour smell. Because it is extremely potent, the strain has a burned flower scent, which you can easily smell before taking it. This smell is more likely from the DNA in one of its parent strains, the Chocolate Diesel.

It also gives off a rich mocha chocolaty aroma. As good as the aroma is, it has its downside. Other people can easily smell the aroma on you so you should take all the precautions you need if you want to be discrete.

Gorilla Glue strain has a flavour that you can easily distinguish from other strains. It has a pine, sour and earthy flavour, which some people describe as mellow. The THC content in the strain is high and it comes out in the flavour. Others claim that the flavour is slightly bitter with a chocolate and bold coffee like flavour on it.

Whether the flavour is slightly bitter or mellow, not many users stop taking the strain because of that because they all feel that Gorilla Glue awakens all their senses and makes them feel more relaxed.

The high from Gorilla Glue weed is one of the reasons why it is very popular. From its name glue, the strain gives you couch locking effects. Its potency is so high such that the slightest hit can lead to powerful sedating highs even to a smoker with high tolerance levels. New smokers should go slow on the strain because of the overwhelming side effects.

Some of the most common high effects that users feel after smoking the strain are fits of joy and joy and laughter. They have a euphoric feeling that leads to a tranquilizing kind of high. The strain has a very high impact that washes over your whole system, which numbs you from head to toe. After some time, the euphoric surge wears off leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.

Many of the users f Gorilla Glue strain say the strain helps them with energy stimulation, relaxing effects and better mental clarity. There are some users though that says they experience intense paranoia and darting effects because of the strain’s potency. If you are having insomnia or sleeping disorders, the strain is one of the best to use because of its couch lock effects.

It relaxes you making you feel sleepy without any struggles. You get an uninterrupted sleep that allows you to wake up feeling fresh in the morning. The mental clarity effects from the strain help to reduce depression and anxiety disorders leaving you feeling more relaxed.

It is also great for people with OCD, PTSD, ADHD and lack of appetite.  The strain is also beneficial to people with nausea, glaucoma and diabetes among many others. It is simply one of the best choice strains to relieve several medical problems.




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